A floor safe can represent one of the most effective ways to defend your valuables against theft. Floor safes don’t take up extra room, they’re difficult for burglars to detect, and they can offer impeccable protection. After all, even if an individual was to discover your concealed safe, removing it from the floor would represent a significant challenge. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits that a floor safe such as the Hollon B2500 offers is that it can be easily hidden. Located within the floor, and concealed beneath a mat, rug, or piece of furniture; chances are that burglars would never even discover your safe.


Outside: 14.90" H X 13.50" W X 17.50" D

Inside: 12.90" H X 10.90" W X 11.30" D

Interior Cubic Feet: 0.92

Weight: 93.00Burglar Rating: B-Rate

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