The Monster Vault Dual Lock Closet and SUV Safe is the ideal way to store your long guns, jewelry, electronics, cash and other valuables in a heavy duty, quick access, pull-out drawer vault. The Monster Vault can be bolted into most closets just beneath your clothes. The tactical size, originally designed for a SWAT team, fits nicely in the back of most mid-sized SUV's. It is as easy as entering your programmable (3-8) digit combination and gaining quick access to the entire contents of the vault. This unique space efficient design provides the advantage of being out of sight and at-the-same-time readily accessible. Loading items into the drawer horizontally provides maximum capacity for the interior volume (almost 3 times the volume of similar vaults). Monster Vault provides security for your family as well as your valuables without taking up valuable space in your home or closet. Monster Vault is currently used by numerous law enforcement agencies to secure weapons, surveillance equipment and evidence in their service vehicles. This demanding use ensures rugged design features that will provide civilian consumers years of reliable service.


Tactical Size

16"D x 41"W x 11"H

Perfect for the back of SUV's or smaller cars!

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