The ShotLock AR 200M Solo-Vault is a reliable weapon storage system that mounts vertically or horizontally to a flat surface. These Gun Safes by Shotlock are housed in 14-gauge military grade steel to ensure only the access code or key override feature unlock them. This ShotLock AR Classic Solo-Vault Mounted Safe has a flanged no-pry lid for enhanced security. You can securely store the majority of AR platform rifles with pistol grips and top-mounted optics and even some tactical shotguns. However, these were designed specifically for rifles so please reach out if you're considering storing a shotgun in this before purchasing. A foam bed liner cradles your gun to protect its quality while an interior shelf offers additional storage options for up to two 30rd. magazines. Keep your gun out of the wrong hands and quickly gain access to it in self-defense scenarios when using this ShotLock AR Classic Solo-Vault Rifle Safe.


Lock Type: Mechanical
Height: 16.625 in
Width: 10.4375 in
Depth/Thickness: 2.625 in
Weight: 12.4 lb


  • 14 gauge military grade steel construction.
  • Secures most AR platform rifles with pistol grip and top rail mounted optics. (Tactical shotguns included)
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Interior shelf for two additional 30 rd. magazines
  • Can mount in a discreet location for added security
  • Flanged no-pry lid.
  • Dual locking interior hooks
  • With our easy to use locks, it only takes a few second to have your home defense weapon in your hand.
  • ADDITIONAL NOTE:The AR Solo-Vault may secure some pump and over/under shotguns equipped with tactical pistol grips, ghost rings, and side saddle shell carriers on the receiver. However this product was not designed for this purpose -
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