This is a great way for gun owners to keep their pistols organized and within quick reach inside of your gun safe. Many times space and organization can be a real issue and the SnapSafe 75872 Handgun Hangers can help solve the problem. 

The SnapSafe Handgun Hangers come in a 4 pack and are made for .22 caliber pistols. They are PVC coated to prevent damage to your handgun. They conveniently hang from the front of a .5” to 1” shelf for easy access.

When it’s time to get your gun safe organized with maximizing space and improvement of functionality, SnapSafe Handgun Hangers .220 are your answer!


  • 4 Pack (22 CAL)
  • Includes four handgun hangers in designated size


  • Fits shelves that are 1/2" to 1" thick
  • Maximizes safe space by hanging guns below shelves
  • PVC coating prevents damage to gun barrels
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