Venturing further into any wildlife habitat will eventually lead to areas that are seemingly impenetrable. It is in these places that only the most cunning of creatures such as the mountain lion and birds of prey can call home. With a watchful eye looking over your most prized possessions, the Haven series of safes, enhanced with fire and water protection and ultimate organization, brings you that much closer to total protection. Go away for a weekend and come back to a flooded basement or even worse get a frantic call from your neighbor letting you know your house is on fire. Rest easy knowing that a watchful eye is looking over your possessions. This safe not only sports increased steel thickness and bolt count, but fire protection for 75 minutes at a blistering 1400oF. All the while, our proprietary Triple Seal maintains a waterproof seal keeping your valuables dry for a full 7 days at a water height of 2 ft. A UL rated power outlet allows the use of your favorite anti-humidity device to be used. Your guns and accessories will never be more organized or accessible with the half U-shaped, half rack- style adjustable gun rests and deluxe style door organizer.

Lifetime, no hassle warranty against theft, fire and natural flood – free shipping.

Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all parts, electronic lock, paint defects.


Outer Dimensions (HxWxD) 59″ x 30″ x 25″

Fire Rating 75 min @ 1400° F

Water Proof Rating 2′ for 7 days

Lock Type E-Lock

Weight (lbs) 567 lbs.

Color Dark Earth Matte

Gun Capacity 36 + 4

Door Organizer Kit-Deluxe

Power Outlet-Yes

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