The Cavalry Series is one of Sun Welding's premier line, offering the best in home security. It's solid 3/8" steel plate door and solid 3/16" body is one of the most superior in the industry. Offering a Group II combination lock or Electronic lock. The lock is protected by a 1/4" hard plate plus 1/2" absorption plate, to resist from impact, drilling, or punch attacks. In addition, the independent bolt works are protected by two spring loaded re-locking systems which lock the entire bolt works together.


Outside: 72.00" H X 40.00" W X 28.00" D (Add 3" for handle)

Inside: 70.50" H X 38.00" W X 21.50" D

Interior Cubic Feet: 33.33

Weight: 1220.00

Burglar Rating: CDOJ

Fire Rating: 30 Minutes

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