The Pony Express Series is Sun Welding's signature series. The Pony Express Series is designed as an overall heavy duty safe. Offering a solid 1/4" steel plate door and 10 gauge steel body. The Pony Express series offers a Group II combination lock or Electronic lock. The lock is protected by a 1/4" hard plate plus 1/2" absorption plate, to resist from impact, drilling, or punch attacks. In addition, the independent three way bolt works are protected by two spring loaded re-locking systems which lock the entire bolt works together. The three way bolt works offer five active bolts on the opening side and hinge side of the door and also one top bolt.


Outside: 60.00" H X 30.00" W X 24.00" D (Add 3" for handle)

Inside: 58.50" H X 28.00" W X 17.75" D

Interior Cubic Feet: 16.82

Weight: 630.00

Burglar Rating: CDOJ

Fire Rating: 30 Minutes

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